Foxtail Season in San Diego

Foxtail Season in San Diego Foxtails are the seed from a grass-like weed that grows in California.  Each seed is shaped like an arrowhead.  The point will engage the fur and penetrate the skin.  Due to the shape, foxtails continue to migrate in the direction of the pointy end, leaving red, open wounds, draining pus.  … Read more

How I Do Allergy Testing

How I do allergy testing Allergic dermatitis (allergic skin disease) may first occur anytime during a patient’s life.  Allergies may affect dogs and cats.  About twenty percent of dogs have allergic dermatitis.  Ten to fifteen percent of cats may be affected. “He’s never had allergies before.” Things that may cause allergic dermatitis include fleas, airborne … Read more

Do Not Feed Grain-Free

Vets still seeing cases of heart problems linked to grain-free food Exotic ingredients and boutique brands may also be linked to health issues For weeks, Kanga had been experiencing odd symptoms, including fatigue, breathing problems and what her local vet assumed were seizures. But now Turner was being told that the Maltese-Chihuahua mix was in … Read more