Travel Tips for Cats

Have Cat, Will Travel! Top Tips for Hotel Stays with Fluffy

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  • Oct 30, 2020


Clearly, there are some unique nuances when staying in pet-friendly hotels with cats versus dogs.

  1. Sweep the room. Be on the lookout for anything that may be dangerous for your cat.
  2. Don’t rush the kitty cat. Be sure to let your cat come out of her travel carrier at her own pace.
  3. Home away from home. Bring things from home that will make your cat feel more comfortable.
  4. A safe place. Leave the door to your cat’s carrier open – so that she can go in and out.
  5. Play time. This will help her associate the room with “feel-good” moments, and it will also help to tucker her out so she can chillax.
  6. Potty time. Setting up your cat’s litter box right away is essential.
  7. Time to eat. It’s important to stick with your pet’s regular eating schedule.
  8. Leaving kitty alone? Be sure to alert the front desk and place the “do not disturb” sign on your door.


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