Our Mission

It is our mission perform quality independent veterinary medicine, provided with compassion, collaboration, and integrity.

What does independent mean? Friars Road Pet Hospital has been owned and operated by native San Diegan, Dr. Brian Peterson, for over 20 years. At his retirement, he passed on the care of his patients to Dr. Laura Halsey, who is also a native San Diegan. This is not a mass chain, and is not owned by a hidden corporation. It is a privately-owned, locally-owned, independent practice that is dediated to serving the community. In order to continue this legacy, we joined with Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic, to continue to provide quality care.

Compassionate care means that we utilize our low stress handling techinques to help your keep calm. We love pets too, and we know what it’s like to be on the recieving end of veterinary care, for better or worse. We’re here to help you & your pet every step of the way. We have on site and send out diagnostics available depending on your pet’s needs.

Collaboration means that we will work together as a doctor/staff team to provide you with the best care. We will also work with area specialists when needed. Furthermore, we will collaborate with you to determine what is best for your individual pet in your home.

Integrity is expressed in our every action. We work to provide you an estimate of fees prior to services. We offer wellness care to keep your pet healthy and screen to allow early intervetion. Our preventative care focus helps keep your pet healthy and living their best life, while reviewing your pet’s individual lifestyle for accurate vaccination plans. For injury and illness, it is our focus to keep your pet comfortable. Rest assured, we will never recommend treatment your pet doesn’t need.