Pet Adoptions During Covid

Pet Adoptions during COVID:  Questions for the Humane Society Q:Has the surge in pet adoption during the pandemic been all good? A: Yes. It has raised the awareness for people about what it means to adopt an animal, and I think that was great. Q: Has the increase in adoptions created new challenges or opportunities for the … Read more

Buying a Car for Your Dog

Shopping for a Pet-Friendly Vehicle? Here’s What to Look For We want your pet to be safe and comfortable on your adventures together, so we compiled a list of the features we think every dog-friendly vehicle ought to have. Tinted windows A level cargo floor A low cargo area Rear air vents Cargo area tie … Read more

How to Properly Wear a Surgical Face Mask

How to Properly Wear a Surgical Face Mask Over the past few weeks of the corona virus pandemic the general public has been wearing face coverings of some sort.  Most often the covering is a surgical face mask of some sort.  And often the person is not wearing it right.  Let me impart 35-plus years … Read more

Foxtail Season in San Diego

Foxtail Season in San Diego Foxtails are the seed from a grass-like weed that grows in California.  Each seed is shaped like an arrowhead.  The point will engage the fur and penetrate the skin.  Due to the shape, foxtails continue to migrate in the direction of the pointy end, leaving red, open wounds, draining pus.  … Read more

Telemedicine and Curbside Service Added

Your Veterinary Visit during COVID-19 Outbreak Here is how we will do things during the pandemic: Telemedicine is available for current patients.  A current patient must have been seen by us within the past year.  E-mail (or call) with the patient’s problem or symptoms.  Send photos and video (as applicable).  If possible, we will diagnose … Read more

COVID-19 Information for Veterinarians and Pet Owners

Here is a link to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak: The AVMA will keep this page updated as new information arrives. Here are a few things to know: Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point … Read more

Keep Cats Inside

When house cats are free to roam, wildlife suffers, study says By Ashley Strickland, CNN When your house cat trots outside for a neighborhood stroll, it doesn’t end well for birds, bunnies, squirrels and other wildlife. And now, thanks to a new study, we know how much damage our feline friends can do. “We found that … Read more

One Health

Virus in China Is Part of a Growing Threat New type of so-called coronavirus is possible cause of the outbreak in the city of Wuhan By  Betsy McKay BIOGRAPHY @BETSWRITES   BETSY.MCKAY@WSJ.COM Updated Jan. 10, 2020 9:26 pm ET The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Chinese scientists identified a new type of so-called … Read more