Happy Holidays 2019!

Wishing you a Meowy Holiday Season and Yappy New Year! Our Stars (clockwise from the top left) Polly (Dr. P and Linda) Pete and Callie (Sarah) Ratchet (Josh) Hunx (Lorraine) Jojo and Snicker (Mykah) Mac (Lorraine) Lincoln (Lisa) Chico (Josh) Izumi, aka Zoomy (Dr. P and Linda) Trashy (Lorraine) Polly (Dani) Toshio, aka quite a … Read more

Cat Poem

exactly fine the strays keep arriving: now we have 5 cats and they are tenuous, flighty, con- ceited, naturally bright and awesomely beautiful. one of the finest things about cats is that when you’re feeling bad, very bad— if you just look at a cat cooling it the way they do it’s a lesson in … Read more

Pet Insurance

MetLife Expands into Fast-Growing Sector: Pet Insurance From Wall Street Journal By  Leslie Scism BIOGRAPHY @LESLIESCISM LESLIE.SCISM@WSJ.COM Dec. 5, 2019 7:00 am ET MetLife Inc. said Thursday it purchased pet insurance company PetFirst Healthcare LLC, expanding into a growing industry as it aims to widen offerings and boost sales. Pet insurance premium volume more than doubled in the … Read more

Feline Facial Expressions

Cats Do Have Facial Expressions, We’re Just Bad at Reading Them, Study Shows Cats have a reputation for being “inscrutable”, the researchers say, and their results mostly back up this notion. But the most skilled diviners of feline feelings were people with professional experience involving cats, including veterinarians. “They could be naturally brilliant, and that’s … Read more