Dogs want you to stay home. Cats not so much.

Stay Home! Back to Work! A Dog and Cat Debate Reopening America


Jason Gay

April 17, 2020 11:40 am ET

America Needs To Get Back to Work

By A Cat

On behalf of cats everywhere, I’ll just say it: We want everyone out of the house.

It was cute for a while, but the party is over. We’re sick of this quarantine, shelter-in-place directive.

Sheltering in place? That’s a cat’s job. 

Why Not Work at Home Forever?

By A Dog

We need to balance the economy against the extremely valid concerns about public health and protecting lives.

And walks. We need to think about all of the walks.

And ball. We need to also chase the ball. Lots and lots.

We love having you at home. Stay. Stay forever. We promise to be a good dog. Or at least a pretty good dog.

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