Telemedicine and Curbside Service Added

Your Veterinary Visit during COVID-19 Outbreak Here is how we will do things during the pandemic: Telemedicine is available for current patients.  A current patient must have been seen by us within the past year.  E-mail (or call) with the patient’s problem or symptoms.  Send photos and video (as applicable).  If possible, we will diagnose … Read more Telemedicine and Curbside Service Added

Documenting the Vet Visit

It is Saturday morning, and David and Joe are in with their cats Loki and Thor.  Loki and Thor are scheduled for one-year vaccine boosters.  The location is one of the Friars Road Pet Hospital exam rooms. Dr. Peterson is examining Loki.  David takes out his cell phone.  He starts taking photos. David:  You don’t … Read more Documenting the Vet Visit