Documenting the Vet Visit

It is Saturday morning, and David and Joe are in with their cats Loki and Thor.  Loki and Thor are scheduled for one-year vaccine boosters.  The location is one of the Friars Road Pet Hospital exam rooms.

Dr. Peterson is examining Loki.  David takes out his cell phone.  He starts taking photos.

David:  You don’t mind if I take some photos.  I take photos of all my cats when they are at the vet.  I like to document their experiences.

Dr. Peterson:  Oh, that’s fine.  May I see?

David shows Dr. Peterson the image of Dr. Peterson examining Loki.

Dr. Peterson:  Hey, would you e-mail the photos to me?  I may put them out on Twitter or something.

David:  Of course.  That would be great.

Dr. Peterson:  Although, I may have to photo-shop my hair color.  It’s looking awfully white.